Protect me from what I want.
Jenny Holzer

Here is a place where things from Times Square might come to rest. In the archive materials are given a tidy bed. In the repertoire, things rest in us as we joyfully ask how we might become a part of our own time.

The archive is built with a flexible grid to maximize accessibility across screen sizes. All content is divided first into general categories, and then into chronological sub-sections spanning roughly from 2007 to the present day.

The repertoire is what happens when we take company class. We assemble and repeat what we know of Times Square. We write about it. We scan bits and pieces of it. And, ultimately, we publish it. After having lived it we publish its afterlife as a kind of grieving.

These coordinated endeavours grow out of the ongoing work of Yonkers International Press and, chiefly, publisher Ben Van Buren who has worked in the theater promotions industry in Times Square Since 2007.